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Her television credits include guest-starring roles on such hit television shows as “Mad Men” and “My Generation,” etc.Ramsey grew up in Brandon, Wisconsin and graduated from Laconia High School in 2001.That throws her off ‘cause she’s such a control freak. Will we learn more about what happened between Becca and Lolly? They don’t do anything without each other, so I don’t think she can grasp the gravity of that right away.GOLDBERG: She tells me that we’re not friends in the future, which is pretty devastating, but I think there’s a disbelief on Lolly’s end, in the ‘90s. And then, it irks her and she needs to know, in order to stop it from happening again.The film is written and directed by Matthew Weiner (Creator of “Mad Men”). Ramsey can currently also be seen starring in the motion picture Pulling Strings (2013), currently on VOD.Her other past film credits include lead and strong supporting roles in such films as Dream Works The Ruins, and She’s The Man, and Columbia Pictures’ Lords of Dogtown, among others.And Lolly is the opposite of me, so I was attracted to that. I want to start doing more comedy, so this is a good little stepping stone into that. I’m really happy, as an actor, that it’s so different, so that I can show another side of me, as well. GOLDBERG: And we had Daphne Zuniga on the show, who was on Melrose Place. She showed us some photos from when they were doing Melrose.

Whether it’s reconnecting with her former best friend Lolly (Sarah Goldberg), or sorting out her love life, which included a failed marriage to bad-boy artist Sean (Craig Horner), she has to re-evaluate everything she thinks she knows now and figure out just what the right choices are. LAURA RAMSEY: For me, number one was that the writing was really incredible. There are things that you read that just don’t really flow, and for me, this really flowed.Actress Laura Ramsey plays the role of Becca Brady on VH1's Hindsight. She graduated from Laconia High School in Rosendale, Wisconsin in 2001.Ramsey was spotted while working in a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard and got an audition the next day, for a role she won - The Real Cancun, a documentary that revolves around the true exploits of several American youths in Mexico She then began a role in ABC's television series, The Days before making her feature-film acting debut with Catherine Hardwicke's Lords of Dogtown.On a map, I could find her, in a second.” In the show, I’m trying to look for Lolly sometimes and can’t find her, so I leave her voicemails from a payphone and page her. It gets dramatic and it’s funny, but there’s no crazy CG, or anything like that.GOLDBERG: I was staying at Laura’s the other night and I had no cell phone reception, at all, and no internet. RAMSEY: There’s family drama, friendship drama and boyfriend drama. Becca returns to 1995 with the knowledge of what happened the first time she lived through it, but Sean is just really confused about what’s going on. It’s important for me to not even read any future Becca stuff, or just ignore it.

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Did you ever find it hard to readjust to the present, after living in 1995 all day?