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I’ll be fascinated to see if Disney responds to this, if at all., and we’ve loved watching them transition from adorable child stars to ~serious~ adult actors.Dylan and Cole Sprouse Salary How much do Dylan and Cole Sprouse make per episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody?,000In the early 2000's Dylan and Cole made appearances on several television sitcoms such as, That's So Raven, Friends, That 70's Show, According to Jim, Hannah Montana, The Wizards of Waverly and more.then came back two weeks later , only with Selena Gomez attached, and no producer credit for the twins. These days, both young men are attending NYU and if Cheekbones’ comportment in the video is any indication, they have managed not to go Bieber/Lohan route.I don’t know why this story fascinates me, considering I’m too old to have ever watched an episode of their show.They also appeared in as Zim and Zam in the animated television series, The Emperors New School.

I remember I made – because I was filming one of my first ever pilots when I was 13 and I was so in love with those shoes – that I made them let my character wear those as her shoes on the show.They also did voice acting in the animated films, Holidaze: The Christmas That Almost Wasn't, Eight Crazy Nights, and Kung Fu Magoo.They also were the voice of Shasta, a puppy in the film, Snow Buddies.I suppose Dylan’s story interests me because as a writer (or “content creator,” as the parlance is these days) there are seemingly endless stories about how business-side folks misuse the creators of their content.I don’t mean “misuse” in the sense of abuse, but in the sense of not enabling them to make money — sometimes not even a living wage — off their own content.

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Dylan will be playing a character named Gideon Blake, and unfortunately the plot details and expected release date are still shrouded in mystery…for now, of course. The twins then enrolled at New York University, enjoying life as college students in New York City before graduating in 2015.

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