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Updating xp corporate stripped

It has to do with how the computer utilizes more than two gigs of RAM. Hello, It is my opinion that if you are running XP-SP3 and you are satisfied, stay with it, after all to date it has got to be the best Microsoft OS that they have come up with.

Now if you plan to upgrade you have to consider 5 things.

Malware would become a daily problem because many of the tools now used to track down, isolate, diagnose, fix, and troubleshoot Windows XP computers depend on a running Internet link with automatic support from Microsoft.

Iv P 4 to 6 connections that have not been configured for XP won't work or will stop. Of course, if you buy a new computer, just go Windows 8. Most folks missed the 2 gb memory requirement in their commentary, as least in their assumptions/prerequisites.

I have three machines running Windows XP with very few problems, but I see that Microsoft will soon stop supporting this operating system in 2014.I agree with leaving XP because of a lack of support and security problems.However, with a car or most other equipment, the equipment will continue to run for a long time, especially the car.Second, CPU is vitally important here, can't overstate that.You can't run a 64 bit OS if your CPU isn't 64 bit. Chances are, if your computers are running XP, they're running 32 bit.

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Or to remember the old adage "if it isn't broke, don't fix it." What would you do? The only Windows 8 I have is on my test computer which has XP, 3 versions of Windows 7, and Windows 8 Pro.