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The team’s intention is to add value to everyone using an online dating service.It’s only a matter of time before users will want this level of verification upfront.We’ve become expert in needless suffering.” I’ve wondered the same thing as I’ve watched kids in my mostly LDS neighborhood and my own children.One friend observed that in her experience, such dry spells aren’t “uncommon in LDS circles, but *very* uncommon in secular/regular life [but see below].Celebrity accounts on social media are verified so you know that they're real, so why not use the same logic for online dating? According to their website, Love Lab is “the only anonymous, peer to peer verification service for the dating industry.” host Steve Ward founded Love Lab as a tool for verifying potential love matches who meet online.He sees the app as the Carfax for the online dating world, and because the app is free, there is really no reason why someone should be opposed to using it.And it might make you feel more confident when you’re dating online.

Do you know what PNP, Host or Travel, $$$, UC, DDF, FTM, ghosting, and ‘masc only ‘mean?

The understood subtext to all dates adds an extra-weird pressure to LDS dating.

All un-coupled people are constantly being assessed and assessing—it creates a strange highly-charged atmosphere where men and women can’t just organically get to know each other, which is the norm in non-LDS dating.

It will not take long for dating companies to take notice of Love Lab’s proprietary technology.

As the dating world increasingly relies on online connections, technology like this will provide welcome assurances against suspicious behavior.

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The results listed publicly may not be current, complete or accurate, so it only means that those who have successfully completed this proof have no derogatory criminal history detected by Love Lab.

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