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Take, for example, Rhonda, an African American woman in her 30s, who states that she doesn't use (and refuses to use) condoms with her HIV-negative boyfriend whom she has dated for several months. He figures that since he loves me, if I have it and die, it doesn't matter if he gets it. BP: How would you characterize your relationship with your lover? He is free to do what he wants that way, as I am [It's an open relationship].

When asked about using safer sex (i.e., condoms) when having sex with the man she is dating, Rhonda responded, "Yeah, I know we should and all that, but we've discussed it and he doesn't want to. He'll just die with me." Sometimes, people don't use condoms because they are tired of using them for so many years or because they buy into the media hype that the new protease inhibitors are so effective that the health crisis is over. Because his affectionate behavior might turn you on and challenge you to break your celibacy? Ray is a gay man his late fifties who lost his lover of ten years to complications from AIDS in July 1996.

The line of thinking about dating is that it might be the best way to explore and develop healthy relationships.

This believe is being followed by a diverse group of people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

As Greg Louganis has said, "Dating is weird if you are straight or gay." Dating brings up some particular fears for people who are HIV-positive.

Among them are: 1) Fear of infecting another person whether safer sex is being practiced or not; 2) Fear that their physical condition may interfere with their ability to maintain a relationship; 3) Fear that they or their potential partner may die or become physically incapacitated, and that they or their partner will be unable to handle the situation; and 4) The ultimate fear: that they will be rejected by a potential partner because of their positive status.

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This attitude seems to be greatest among younger gay men. He believes that the issues concerning positive dating are relevant to HIV-negative people who are dating also. I'm still going through bereavement, but I am going out once in a while now with friends.

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During these periods of time the virus seemed to be spreading almost unchecked as a result of the permissive lifestyle led by many gay men.

In the 1990s, however, women, heterosexuals, and people of color have the fastest growing rates of infection.

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Using a condom in vaginal or anal intercourse was suggested as one of the main methods for avoiding transmitting the virus. José, a young, gay, Puerto Rican, HIV-positive male, stated, "Yeah, man, I use condoms, but I've had them break a few times. When he gets to be too much, I just send him home [the lover doesn't live with Ed].

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