Reasons online dating is dangerous

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Reasons online dating is dangerous

Of course, many are able to make balanced use of the Internet.

Communication by E-mail can be a very helpful way to stay in touch with friends and loved ones.

Such a courtship can lead to a truly happy marriage.

Online dating is a bad idea for teens — especially young teens.

They have pursued relationships using the Internet and have hidden the fact from their parents.

For example, the parents of a teenage son were startled one day when a young woman who did not share the family’s Christian beliefs arrived unexpectedly at their home after traveling over 1,000 miles [1,500 km]. They thought, ‘Our son could not possibly have fallen for someone whom he had never met in person.’ In fact, their son had been deceiving them—in effect, hiding what he really was.

And what dangers does this present to those who are looking for romance?

Some young people have found, to their surprise, that the “youth” with whom they shared a budding romance over the Internet was actually an adult prison inmate.

Other young ones have unwittingly become involved with sexual predators.

However, there are additional ways in which people “hide what they are.” The Dangers of Deception and Secrecy Not surprisingly, a common practice among those seeking romance on the Internet is to exaggerate or invent good traits and to minimize or conceal serious faults. Worse, dishonesty is a spiritual danger; it damages the liar’s relationship with Jehovah God.

Further, quoted an author as saying: “Internet dating can be bad because people get deceived.” It adds: “People often switch sexes. Sadly, some young people have fallen into another sort of dishonesty.

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Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing A father named Michael was alarmed to learn at a seminar that a large proportion of children disobey parental rules against visiting dangerous Web sites.