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Non sedating anti anxiety medication

Not all anti-anxiety medications are the same, and it is important to make a distinction between the different classes of medications used to treat anxiety.This is because the risks and benefits associated with each medication class can vary dramatically.I am currently on vistaril but it makes me very tired.There are many non-benzodiazepine options for you - talk with your doctor.I am in therapy for drug addition and need something to take the edge off but not zonk me out...I cannot take bensodiazepine because I am addicted to it...Some additional disadvantages to SSRIs are that that they take 4 to 6 weeks to reach maximum efficacy and certain SSRIs can cause uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms if they are stopped abruptly.For individuals with bipolar disorder, SSRIs may trigger a manic episode and for this reason are given with a mood stabilizer when used for anxiety with these patients.

The following are the main classes of medications typically used to treat anxiety with their associated risks and benefits, along with some examples of specific medications within each class.They are one of those meds that you need to take for a while (about 4 weeks) before you notice the benefits and the first few weeks can be a bit tough, but i managed to see it through and i'm really glad i did.Have you been prescribed anything else to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, such as librium?Conversely, when anxiety is treated by using a medication, the recovery often depends on the continued use of that medication.Often, the best results are achieved when therapy and medications are combined.

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