Hypnotic dating

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Hypnotic dating

The pair will undergo hypnosis to try to make them forget each other temporarily.They will then each go on dates with two other people who match their ideal partner criteria before going on a ‘first date’ with one another.The Short Version: For dating coach Jay Cataldo, self-improvement begins in the mind.After nearly 20 years studying human behavior, he’s mastered different ways to tap into people’s potential and inspire them to reach their goals.He imparts deep life-changing strategies on how people can change their thinking patterns for the better.To foster personal growth, he uses neuro-linguistic programming, acupressure, mental exercises, and hypnosis.“It’s a special story, incredibly inspiring,” Jay said.“Two needles in the world’s biggest haystack found each other, and they made it happen.” In his career as a life coach, Jay’s motto is “Bridging the gap between the impossible and the attainable,” and that’s what he helps his clients do every day.

She was 33, a lawyer, and so driven that she found success in every area of her life — except in matters of the heart.

When she described her new love interest to Jay, he told her, “I guarantee you, this guy is going to marry you. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, but just take your time and enjoy the relationship.” She was only too happy to follow his advice.

Sure enough, after only a year of dating, the couple got married in a beautiful ceremony.

This Selective Dating hypnosis script can help your clients to be discerning in their choice of prospective partner while - at the same time - enjoying the thrill of dating again.

Please note: this session is intended for relaxation purposes only.

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She didn’t have much experience in that area, and she felt like an outcast from the city’s fast-paced dating life because she was still a virgin.