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MEN OF IDEAS # 14 OTHER NOTABLE PSYCHOANALYSTS(Wilhelm Reich, Fritz Perls, Karen Horney)Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) was an Austrian turned American psychoanalyst.

He trained under Freud and worked within the umbrella of Freud’s sexual madness until he decided to take it one step further.

He refused to respond to the charges against him saying that his orgone hypothesis is a scientific one and, as such, the courts cannot decide its validity, only science could.

He was charged with contempt of court and eventually sentenced to jail for two years. There are folks out there who still follow this man who believed in aliens, in UFOs and, indeed, claimed to have spent time with these non-existent extraterrestrial beings.

He wanted to make contraceptive medications available to children and wanted abortion made easy. Let us just say that this man was a body and did not grow up. Fritz Perls emphasized the individual enjoying his life as he sees it without limiting his enjoyment with neurotic preoccupation of what other people think of him.

Like Freud, he was stuck at adolescent levels where much ado was made of sex. Fredrick Salomon Perls (1893-1970) was a German turned American psychiatrist who trained under Freud.

Apparently, the FDA tested the validity of this claim and like all psychoanalysis found it nonsocial and charged him with fraudulent practices and selling his useless boxes across states without the license to do so.He came up with a weird idea that there is an energy called orgone that suffices the universe and that this energy is responsible for creation and everything else.In the immediate he believed that this energy increases people’s sexual potency.Her most important contribution to psychological discourse is the idea of real self, and false ideal self and their roles in mental health and mental illness. The neurotic is pursuing the actualization of his concept of ideal self and since that is impossible of attainment is pursuing a chimera, yet he pursues it in an obsessive-compulsive manner hence must fail and become disappointed and depressed (as Horney was).

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