Hibernate pre invalidating space

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sudo chmod 600 /swapfile && sudo mkswap /swapfile Important Note: The UUID that mkswap returns is absolutely useless.sudo swapoff -a sudo swapon /swapfile sudo -b gedit /etc/fstab Edit /etc/fstab and : Remove or comment out ALL old swap partitions Add new line: /swapfile none swap sw 0 0 Verify that everything is done OK: free -m You will see your swap reported.I am running Loki on a Toshiba Satelite L755-s5112.

Regarding the error that I first posted, I haven't seen that one since then and haven't been forced to run either. Sleep doesn't trigger freezes as often as before but still causes some problems. ominous looking error: I checked the SMART data and while I'm not too sure what to make of it, I think the section labeled I have the same problem I believe.Graphics card may eat a chunk out of the main RAM, so it is not necessarily a multiple of Gi B.For RAM of size N Bytes we will need a swapfile size of N to 2*N Bytes for both virtual memory and hibernation to work properly.So we do it by hand: mount | grep " / " Note your /dev/... sudo filefrag -v /swapfile | grep "First block:" Note first block, we will use it for resume_offset below.If there is no output from this command, you have a new filefrag which changed its output.

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Wysocki), but surrounding files do not tell it how to use the swapfile.

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