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Fractionation dating women

It is also interesting to note that Neil Strauss briefly mentioned about the technique (in the form of its application, the October Man Sequence) in his seminal New York Times bestseller, The Game.Since then, there has been an explosion of interest of what the technique is about.Derek Rake himself developed a tweaked version of the technique called the Fractionation Formula.Fractionation is deeply rooted in hypnosis, persuasion and psychology.Masters of Fractionation would get closer to the girl, look her directly in the eye, and then slowly ask her what time it is. If you would like to know more about fractionation, enter your email address below and I will get it sent to you.

To do this, you will need to know the stuff to tell her that will make her give herself up wholly to you and get addicted to you.If you do this, women might just see you as a boyfriend and crave to stay by your side for the rest of the night and even afterward. Some women actually care about their men and don’t want to hurt their feelings.This is a technique pioneered by Derek Rake and it’s a really powerful piece of hypnosis and seduction technology. They fake it because they want to hide their men from the dreadful fact that they are lousy sex partners.Use this tactic to make women fall in love with you using a simplified version of Fractionation, the famous hypnosis tactic. Fractionation is operated by David Herbert Johnson and the Hypnotic Attraction Institute. Copying is strictly prohibited unless written consent is given. This short article is about this dating technique called Fractionation Seduction.

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