Dating your babysitter

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Dating your babysitter

When everyone has been miserable and cooped up, a long drive can be heavenly.

The children are in the back seat nice and safely and you and your husband can just enjoy each other.

If you live where there is a lot of traffic, this one probably won’t be so relaxing for you. Examples of these are apple-picking, cuddling by the fire-pit, painting or other out-door oriented tasks. “Not much of a date,” you may be saying to yourself. Our favorite take-along dates include going for hikes (where kids are on bikes, or falling asleep in a back-pack carrier), and snow-shoeing (same idea).

We have three safe areas: When the children are safely contained in these areas, we can have mini dates very close by. The kids are there, but they are so engrossed in doing their own thing, that we can go slow and hold hands if we want.

What other dates can you think of that you don’t need a babysitter for?

We’re always looking for suggestions for new dates, so definitely let me know of any other creative solutions you come up with!

When our baby was born, she offered to babysit so we could continue having our traditional date nights.

If your kids don’t like the view, than an e Reader or hand-held game (on silent) can do wonders. If you have children that still take naps, plan ahead for quick dates. Here are some suggestions–far from the “ideal” situation–but helpful none-the-less."We want to provide that opportunity to meet some sitters so they feel a little bit more comfortable." During the speed dating events, childcare will be provided so parents can focus on getting to know the prospective sitters.Families will meet each of the sitters for a bit, then rotate to the next sitter.

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I wrote about Select Sitters, a local babysitting service, hosting a babysitter "speed dating" event back in March.

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