Dating someone with herpes 2

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Dating someone with herpes 2

In her case, Susan wasn’t actively dating anyone at the time she was diagnosed with genital herpes.

Given that, medication to treat her herpes was optional.

In that case, in a year of unprotected sex, the risk of spreading herpes to the woman is 10%.

If, however, your partner isn’t having an outbreak, you may not realize that the virus can still be spread. Although the numbers are reassuring, and not everyone with an infected partner will get herpes, using condoms is smart and recommended.Two years later, they’re still together, and things are going well.She found something that I’ve heard echoed by other readers.This is a debate that I often have with my colleagues.The medical community does not agree on the answer to this question.

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We know that if a person has genital herpes, they are at greater risk of acquiring HIV (and other STDs), if exposed – particularly during an outbreak.

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