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Dating leenex net

"The other measure might have more support – the Jade Falcons and Smoke Jaguars are frothing that we are closer to reaching Terra than they are and the Ghost Bears would see it as a chance to take the lead.They would all be delighted to see us purging our own touman.""Either measure is trouble we do not need. I cannot see how Conal expects to prosper by making this petition but if they pass it is certain that the Clan Council will remove you as Khan.""Another bonus in the eyes of many." The Khan drained the beer, using the time to think.

Chapter Five Reyhavik, Rasalhague Wolf Occupation Zone15 September 3050Ulric Kerensky was about to leave his office after another day's work had run on long into the evening when a chime indicated an incoming transmission. "It is a request for a real-time HPG contact with our enclave upon Strana Mechty.""Who? "Put her through and then fetch me a beer," he ordered. After a day like this fatigue is more likely to affect your judgement than one small drink."The holodisplay lit up with the white-haired head of the Wards. ""None of us are getting any younger, Cyrilla." She'd served as junior Khan but semi-retired to focus on managing the business of her Bloodhouse rather than contend for the Khanship with younger warriors – like Ulric himself. "He has to know the Clan Council would never support that. She checked the source of the message and looked up. Conal has decided how far he's willing to take the matter of the Dragoons.""Further than you like, I take it? Two petitions, rather, on the grounds of treason against the Clans as a whole."Ulric rubbed his beard.It would be far too easy for our enemies to try to extend actions against Clan Wolf as a whole.""I know that and you know that.It was owned by several entities, from Alexey G Potapenko to Andrey Stepanov of Andrey A Stepanov, it was hosted by Hetzner Online AG and Hetzner Online Gmb H.While REGIONAL NETWORK INFORMATION CENTER JSC DBA RU-CENTER was its first registrar, now it is moved to Regional Network Information Center JSC dba RU-CENTER.

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