Bow wow is dating angela simmons

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Bow wow is dating angela simmons

[BLANK_AUDIO] Now in the last season of the show we saw you and Angela sort of go through a rough patch. Can you at least tell me if you're all are friends, you're all in good terms right? Yeah, well that's, this is what people don't understand.

You all got to tune in You got to tune in July 20th [CROSSTALK] that's why it's on tv, I can't tell you anything, you gotta watch it. But it's one of those things where life hits you fast sometimes and I'm just happy for overall, I mean it's always a blessing bringing life into this world. And then you've met the baby, the baby's so cute, right? Was there ever any point that you wanted a relationship with Angela?

Twitter wasted little time digging into Bow Wow for these vacuous postings.

) is that Bow Wow and Angela couldn’t get back together, because one of his co-hosts could be getting in the way?

Although he didn’t make a clear-cut decision, he definitely appeared to relish in the fact that both ladies had blessed the pup in a past lifetime. Wow has been formally in the game since he was 11-years-old, his experience with the ladies has always been a side story within itself.

After a quick perusal through our archives, we discovered a lengthy list of Bow Wow girlfriends we’re sure you know by instant facial recognition.

That in and of itself wasn’t all that shocking, but the fact that she would be catching up with host and ex boyfriend Bow Wow did get people talking.

Was this just strictly a work function, or were these two trying to rekindle their relationship?

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